About US


Pritsy Organics is a organic skincare brand in Chicago, best known for its designer-inspired skincare line. Since debut in 2020 some of the top sellers of our organic brand have been our #1 selling shea butter, sugar scrubs, and roll-on oils. After selling over 20k products and becoming an official 6 figure business in 2022 Pritsy Organics has been featured in British Vogue, Essence Magazine, Fox News, ABC News, Daily Herald and more !!


Apart from their early success and amazing products , their skincare is made with organic ingredients. So not only do they focus on how good you smell, they focus on what you are putting on your skin just as importantly! They have nearly 8000 customers over 2,600 favorite rated store reviews and over 1300 5 star reviews ! In addition Pritsy Organics has established a international audience and has currently reached 7 countries outside of the United States!