About US

Pritsy Organics is a small home based business in Chicago, IL.
Owner and Ceo Naja Johnson has always had an affinity for beauty and healthcare since a child. Growing up on Chicago's South Side watching her grandmother run a Salon for over 40 years she naturally loved the beauty industry. This environment is where she became inspired by her love for cosmetology. After attending cosmetology school and working in the hospital caring for the elderly and mentally impaired. Naja found herself struggling with sensitive skin and children with eczema. After many failed attempts utilizing market products for dry skin and eczema Naja started to research organic products. Upon discovering how many products were not really natural and still utilizing harmful ingredients she decided to make her own. And BAM that is how Pritsy Organics was Born. Our brand is where beauty and health meet. Not only are our products ascetically appeasing. We use all natural organic ingredients that help nurture the skin. Our products consist of the top organic usda certified products on the market and every single product is made with Love!!!!
Owner and Ceo: Naja Johnson